Видео: 300m Stratios ninja hacking combat sites in a c5 wormhole

5 Billion+ Isk Data Sites - Secret, wormhole scanners don't want you to know

A sort of semi guide to Ghost sites in wormholes and their lucrative payouts. 5 billion Isk looted - 10:41 5 billion Isk ...

What to do if you found a dread in C5 site and got no ships but a carrier, beautiful morning.

Log in content hole, hole is RF'd yet again, open static, poor goon Revelation crabbing. Escalate on him. Mikasa. Song ...

Eve online – C3 Wormhole on the cheap! 200+ million an hour!

Giving C3 Wormhole's another try, this time in something much cheaper. Last time I went with a Rattlesnake which cost 1.3B. This ...

Eve Online - Sleeper Kiting Stratios

In Wormholes sometimes you'll find relic hunters who will try to hack the sleeper relic and data sites by kiting away the sleepers ...

Standard Sleeper Cache - Stratios

This is not the best loot I've ever had, nor the best run I've ever done Typical loot is ~200 Million ISK If you run the ...

FirstTiime Sleeper Data Site

A session of clearing signatures and attempting to clear a data site full of sleepers.

WiNGSPAN PVP: Stratios Blappage

Valdaryan Penken - WiNGSPAN I make my first delivery on a Stratios in my shiny new Proteus.

Eve Online Blood Raider 2/10 DED Human farm (Full Alpha Mode )

this is a 2 out 10 DED from the blood raiders nation you must use scanner or combat probes to locate these sites as they are ...

[EVE] Short Tackle Compilation

some old clips in here. some with npsi groups, one with test, one with volta tackle is the power house of the cell B) song: Kayou.

Zirnitra Dreadnought Eve Online in action

No one made a video so here it is.

1 month in c5 space

A movie about c5-c5 wormhole space, state of it and what it takes to succeed in it. Sample is only 1 month, so take it with a ...

EVE Online: C5 Dread Ratting - Core Garrison

Check It Out! Discord: https://discord.gg/D9FzVKT YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1kgnWRJFFbBxXck8hoNkg/ ...

EVE Online - Sansha Forlorn Hideaway - Stratios Exploration Fit

Sansha Forlorn Hideaway completed in a Stratios, fit is included below. If you have any comments or questions or any pointers as ...

Stratios & скан :: EVE online

EVE, #EVE_online, #EVEonline, #ева Дать знак (денежный): https://www.donationalerts.com/r/aldan_3 Ссылка на игру ...

Agent Missions Security lvl 5 gorev

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

How to pilot an Independence

Guide to efficiently pilot the drone combat signature "Independence". For further information, fits or just a friendly chat, join the ...

Running Relic Sites in Wormholes

A short video about how I run Relic and Data Sites in Wormholes. With a surprise visit from a Proteus at the end.

EVE Online - Angel Den - Stratios Exploration Fit

Thanks for watching, as mentioned the fit is included below. If you enjoy the video and want to see more, please like and ...

Wormhole Small Gang #1

Found some old footage before clearing my folder. Enjoy. https://zkillboard.com/related/31001164/201908080000/

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