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Lesson 7.2: Saving SPSS Files

Chapter VII: Working With Data - Lesson 7.2: Saving SPSS Files This is SPSS tutorial for beginners. With Subtitle.

How to Use SPSS-Opening Existing Files, Saving and Exporting Files.trec

Opening and saving data and ouput files.Exporting output files.

SPSS Example Saving files

Tutorial going over how to save your SPSS data (.sav), syntax (.sps), and output (.spv) files.

How to Export an SPSS Data File into Microsoft Excel

In this video we examine how to quickly and easily export an SPSS data file into Microsoft Excel. SPSS to Excel. Video ...

Save SPSS Output as a PDF File (for Printing)

This video shows how to save an SPSS output file as a PDF file, which can make it much easier for double-sided duplex printing.

How to Save SPSS Output in Word

This video shows how to save SPSS output in Microsoft Word.

How to keep track/retrieve all your previous SPSS analysis and commands

I am going to show you how to keep a "Journal" of all your previous SPSS analysis and commands. So, for example, if SPSS ...

SPSS: Opening and Importing Data Files

Instructional video on opening SPSS data files, and how to import data of other formats into SPSS. For more information, visit ...

Exporting SPSS Output To Word

Short tutorial on exporting SPSS to Microsoft Word to accompany my book 'Discovering Statistics Using SPSS'.

Import SPSS .sav Data Files into Excel

Import SPSS .sav data files into Microsoft Excel using the Colectica for Excel addin. Download the addin from ...

SPSS tips and tricks part 7

Recovering Lost Work with the Journal File – Instantly recover analysis and file transformations with SPSS' own 'black box' ...

How to Open Native SPSS (.SAV) Data Files

How to open data files in the native SPSS file format (.sav). The .SAV file format makes it easy to store data about each variable, ...

Tutorial: SPSS Output to PDF Document

Shows how to save an SPSS output file as a PDF document.

SPSS Tutorial 2 - Opening and Closing SPSS

This video shows you how to open and close the SPSS software package. You will need to have installed SPSS on your network ...

Exporting SPSS Output to Microsoft Word – SPSS for Beginners (2-7)

Most researchers write up their statistics in Microsoft Word. Therefore, it is important that we can export our statistical analyses into ...

Importing Excel Data into SPSS – SPSS for Beginners (2-6)

Many researchers do their data collection in Microsoft Excel. It will be vital that we can import data from Microsoft Excel into SPSS.

Hansen ishowu Open and Save in SPSS.mov

Video showing how to open and save files in SPSS.

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